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MOCA - Art In The Streets

I went, I saw, I am SO going back!  Seriously.  I read all the hype, the controversy, the debates, the reviews, the blogs...I loved every single minute I was there.  And Cathy and I were there a LOT of minutes.  At least three hours, in fact, and I still feel like I missed so much.  MOCA - Art In The Streets



LA wall

Lee Quinones
(this was used as a cover for Juxtapoz magazine)

Mister Cartoon




(not actually at MOCA but around the corner.  I had to share it anyway)

These are my favorite favorite pieces being shown. They are not bad pictures but there is simply no way I could even begin to do justice to the talent these people possess. Not in pictures and definitely not in words. In particular, the Swoon piece. I read a lot about the "Ice Princess" and was super excited to experience it in person.  It is draped in a white tent and stands alone in it's own room tucked deep in the back of the Geffen.  She is made of white and black papers that have been cut like the snowflakes we made as a kid and applied to a wooden skeleton. Light shines out from within the structure through the lace and casts delicate, haunting shadows back onto the tent. OMG, this artist is so aptly named. I positively swooned when I saw it.  If you are interested, I posted a ton more AITS pix including some more detailed ones of the Swoon piece (as well as some pix of her work found on the street nearby the museum) over on my flickr photostream.  

This stuff literally makes my heart race.  It's so incredibly beautiful. 

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