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Cryptik on the bar @ Street Brewed

Door Detail @ The Fall on Spring Street

Entry Detail @ The Eastern Building

The Eastern
Which, by the way, I thought said "Faster N" when I looked straight up from street level. No seriously, I did.  WTF is a Faster N anyway?  Is it quicker than O?  Slower than M?  Doh!  Typical J~ right there, folks.

Just really dig the architecture

Table for one

Skater Dude, Venice

Feeling a bit like a loser cuz I broke my promise to myself (still not a resolution for those that have been following my babble since January.)  I shot absolutely nothing this past week.  Insert big sad face here.  Going through withdrawals I tell you!  In my defense I have been creative in other areas of my life.  So There, Self!  Promise not totally broken, just stretched, warped and skewed a bit.  

Anywho, these pix just didn't seem to fit anywhere else amongst my musings for a variety of reasons but, at the same time, I just couldn't retire them completely.  Fortunately, I keep a folder of these little orphans for just such an occasion.  Hopefully I've redeemed myself.  And if not, there's always next week.  I'm taking suggestions...

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