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Hold Up There Bandit

It's been a good week for street art in SC.  These Indians have been appearing all over downtown in various incarnations and colors.  This guy rocked up just as I was taking pix of The Bandit Indian. He introduced himself as the Graffiti Removal Dude of San Clemente. Seriously, he did! I asked if he knew the name of the artist and he said he didn't but said there had been a lot of large pieces in town lately. 

"Oh really?" said I, innocently, "Like what?"

"Ohhh..." said Graffiti Removal Dude, "You know, Indians, Octopuses, that sort of thing."

I laughed and said 'Yup! Well dude, you really got your work cut out for you tonight."

He asked if I knew of any others on the street and I said ya but if I told him I'd hafta kill him. He laughed and said he only removes that which has been reported anyway.  Once Dude started to explain his graf removal techniques I kinda glazed over and went back to snapping pix. This one is the best IMHO cuz his shadow kinda makes it look like The Bandit is peeing on him as he works! 

I love that people are calling, texting and facebooking me now when they see local street art.  This week I've been all over town from the main street to under the freeway.  I only posted a few treasures here on the blog but you can see lots more on my flickr.  ❤

UPDATE:  The On/Off pic has been used here: Counseling Resource, for an article titled "On Again, Off Again Relationship — Fear of Intimacy?"  See my thoughts on it here.

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