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On Again!

My On/Off pic was picked up today and used here: Counseling Resource, for an article titled "On Again, Off Again Relationship — Fear of Intimacy?"  I love the credit.  It reads, "Photo by JulieFaith - Images are for illustrative purposes only".  Illustrative purposes only?  Ya think?  Please don't think I am making fun of your article, Dr Jim Bierman, PhD.  I'm not.  I know your article is helping tons of people and I am stoked my pic works for your theme.  I'm just laughing at the legalese. Still, it really is interesting how different people 'see' the same pic, differently isn't it? I never woulda guessed it'd be used like this but I'm glad you found me.  Hey thanks, Dr. Jim, for hookin' me up.

*See my original posting of the pic here.

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