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Eko 254P GCF 



Artist Unknown




Mode ?

RIP MoDeR - Artist Unknown

Mosaic - Artist Unknown

This is all done with a roller, maybe a brush here and there and markers but mostly it's done with spray cans.  Spray cans!  Check out the precision, the attention to detail.  Look at the color combos, the shading, the fades, the high and low lights. This is skill, Baby! This is talent, knowledge, style, craft, design, constant practice and undeniable passion. This is art.  Ok, so it's illegal.  It's still art. You don't have to like it or even approve of it but you do have to acknowledge it.  Appreciate.  Respect.  Catch it while you can for it won't be there long.

By the way, the artwork you see posted above?  Completely hidden.  Yet millions drive right by every single day without a clue that it even exists.  Thanks Boys.  So very happy I got to spend time with your work.  Long may it ride.

If you want to see full pix check out my Flickr Stream.


  1. That blue one that says RIP MODER looks like it might be 4ENSIK, but it's hard to tell from a detail shot. :)

    Really cool shots. (This is qsysue on Flickr.)

  2. Thanks for stopping by qsysue/Susan! So happy to see you here. Next time you are in my area drop me a note. I gotta show you this spot. You'll dig it!