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Hypnotize Me - Part 2.

Dunno how I ended up with the ghost image but I dig it.

So, I took my kid to get froyo the other night and had to park across the street.  How crazy geeked out was I to find these two riding in the alleyway?  My kid kinda rolled his eyes and humored me as I dove into the trunk for my camera and fondled the art work.  But yanno, it's kinda like an Easter Egg hunt.  Ya just never know when one of these sweet treats are gonna pop up in my town and you have to appreciate and enjoy em while they last because they are taken down as fast as they appear.  In fact, the hypnotizer paster dude from my previous post is already gone.  

Yesterday, my phenomenal BIL saw the image I shot of the hypnotizer paster dude (he really needs a better name) and says he recognizes the artist.  Without giving away too much, BIL works at a certain fabrication outfit in town that has 'connections' to the figure so maybe I was a bit hasty in calling out Bandit.  Whatever.  Sorry.  I'd love to credit the artists properly but for now I just have to make up my own names. 

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