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Hypnotize me - Part 1

Paster Dude on N. ECR

Paster Dude

Paster Dude - Brush Detail

Paster Dude - Can Detail

Paster Dude

This guy is so bad ass. Think he might be related to Bandit??? Hmmm...?  Bandit are you listening?

I was driving North on N. El Camino Real (right by the Art store) and flipped a U-ey to go back and capture him, her, it...whatever.  He's just about life-size, or my size anyway. I shot him in color on the little Nikon Coolpix but flipped it to B/W in iPhoto to highlight the details.  Dunno how long he'll last since SC has a strict "Graffiti is bad" policy.  Hope he rides a long, long time.  Stay up (Bandit)!

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