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The Flammable Heart

"The Flammable Heart Exhibition is an event to celebrate National Health Center Week. The event is powered by the IndieMatch campaign of MarbleRoad, where independent artists and musicians donate to support families with complex illness."

The Flammable Heart Exhibition 

 Private Showing

Thursday, August 11, 2011 

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (ET)

New York, NY



selection of 13 photographs in 3 series
The Flammable Heart Exhibition

Street Artists Featured in the Pictures:
Bandit and Gypht

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I know life ain't always butterflies and rainbows. I am on a first name basis with fate.  Luck?  Pffft, that b!t@h really needs to drop something pretty in my lap one of these days.  Henry Ford said, "If you think about it, every experience is worth having." Yanno, I'm pretty sure he wasn't just talking about the good stuff.  A complex illness is not for the faint of heart - no puns intended here, and believe me, I got several. But I would not trade my experiences with complex illness for all the pretty, shiny, tall-dark-and-handsomes Ms Luck has to offer. Thank you, Fate. It is because of you that I know magic, miracles, the power of love and that wishing really, really, really hard sometimes works. 

My little MacBook Dictionary App defines Magic as "the power of influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces." I was drawn to MarbleRoadIndieMatch and The Flammable Heart because their work is pure magic.  I am so very proud and honored (and super crazy excited!!! YAY!!!!) to be asked to participate once again alongside other artists in The Flammable Heart Exhibition, an event that will help connect people who have complex illnesses with the resources they need to help them improve their lives.  This is my kind of Magic.

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  1. As I often say to my self, "Self, if you really believe God is omnipresent, then what's the problem?" But saying this is just the beginning. To live your life this way, is Magic.

    You go , Girl!