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LOVE - Who needs the Beatles?

I have the best bff ever. And I do mean EVER.  The girl has held my hand for lots of 'firsts' over the last 26 years but this may have been the biggest yet. See, until this weekend I -- wait for it -- was a Vegas Virgin. Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking...42 (almost 43) years old and never been to Vegas?  Yeah, well...SHUT UP!  I'm sure there are things you've still never done, too. The difference is, thanks to Janene and her fam, I did it up right. We hopped on a late evening flight right after work on Thursday and didn't stop till we touched back in the LBC at the butt crack of dawn this morning AND we went straight into work. That is how the professionals roll, y'all. We covered everything I'd always imagined I'd do on my first trip to Vegas plus a few things I didn't even know I should have been imagining. The pix are coming, I promise. In the meantime, since it's the only way I know, I thought a little slide show might convey my gratitude for the best Vegas 'de-flowering' in recorded history.  There ain't no love like family.

note: hit the pause button on the playlist (above right) before starting the video.

xox,  J~


  1. You did it right web-girl. Love you long time.

  2. That boy is a genius. Changing mt legal name tomorrow. ❤

  3. Truth is.. I miss you oh so much,that to get my fill of your "J"-ism's I come and look at your photo's and my taste of you and your awesomness! Much Lubs!!

  4. I miss you too, Lex. Extra-large! I soooo love that you are visiting me here. I hear Chi-town has a thriving street art scene. I'm feeling an itch that's either a photo safari in the making or something a little keflex will cure smart-quick. Either way you the only cure. *Grinnnn*