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Not a Banksy

***Big thanks to J for sending in the info and this picture.***  Yup, that's what they said over on MELROSEandFAIRFAX, y'all! "MELROSEandFAIRFAX, according to Alexa and Google Analytics, based on hits and web traffic, just surpassed half a million hits this year, and is ranked as the #2 street art website worldwide."

I follow this blog every single day.  Probably half those 'half a million hits' they mention are little ol' me. IMHO, it is the best resource for LA Street Art.  Love how they support and honor the locals.  It's super fun to read about all this stuff and be able to jump in the car and go find it for real.  You should read about the spectacular show, WHAT GRAFFITI IS TO NEW YORK - STREET ART IS TO LOS ANGELES they are curating (is that a word?) in May and then you should come here and go see it with me.

Anyway, M&F had posted a pic of a near-identical rat yesterday and speculated it was possibly a Banksy.  I got all geeked out and sent in my pic with a little note.  Big Son pointed out the one pictured above to me on my Easter/Birthday visit to him in SLO.  He said, "See Mom, we have street art at Cal Poly, too". Yup, you sure do, Babe.  Thanks for sharing it with me, M&F and half a million readers ;-)


  1. Awesome! Congrats to you! :) I would so love to see that show... THAT would be something.