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Flickr, Facebook and Forbes - 2wenty

Guess who had another picture picked up?  Check out the featured article on today's LAist.


2wenty is a really interesting guy.  He just started getting up in January and already had a gallery show this past weekend at Crewest gallery  He was also featured in today's Forbes magazine.  It's been a big-ass week for 2wenty.  Thanks for letting me take a tiny little drag on your 'social cigarettes'.

UPDATE: 2wenty is getting tons of play; another sighting of the picture on Gawker ;-)
UPDATE 2:  The pic/story was picked up again here  Dunno what they are saying but I'm sure it's good.
UPDATE 3:  Annnnnd...One more posting here, just for fun 
UPDATE 4: Digital Cafe also used the pic.
UPDATE 5: Social Times 
UPDATE 6: Holes in the Net
UPDATE 9: Goiabada
UPDATE 11:  ibahia


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