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Who says there's no Street Art in South OC? Whoever did these I want your autograph!

Yesterday was a damn good day for Street Art in sleepy little San Clemente. Well, at least for me it was.  No sooner had I pulled out of work when I saw this amazing wheatpaste. Now, we don't really have "heaven" in SC being that we are primarily a two-story town, so this is as close as you're gonna get round here.


So, then I turned my head to the left and saw this...

...and to the right there was this at the bottom of a telephone pole...

...and then I lifted my gaze and found gold, y'all.

note: hit pause on the music playlist above right before starting this slideshow 

These bad-ass little metal plates with (probably not so) random pictures and sayings have been nailed up in ones and twos to every single telephone pole all along the alley that runs parallel to ECR here in town. I only walked about 5 blocks but I shot every one I saw.  Some are numbered, some have sayings, some are just pictures. All are placed at eye-level and all are in black and white. They are weathered and gorgeous and I admit I tried to steal a few as the highest form of compliment I could think of. But they are fixed tight, and even if I went back with all the right thievery tools, I could not do them near the justice they are being done left just as they are. Stay up!


I am in love.


  1. I LOVE street art. But I am IN love with those metal plates! Too bad you couldn't nab just one. How cool!! ;)

  2. I know, right? But then stealing 'em would only ruin the effect. Besides, I don't think the pole will fit in my living room. ;-)

    Check out my Flickr stream (widget on the right, there) if you want a closer look at the stills.