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Bad Planning On Your Part Is Your F'in Problem

Battle Anoy 663 OES REM


 Artists Unknown (but prolific)

MssN (w/ Dead and other tags) 
 really look close, check out the detail.

RCS SWC Jear(?)  - Postal Slap

Skull (Bandit?) and Tooth/Jewel


I've been in New York for a week at The Flammable Heart Exhibition.  So much fun!  I have lots to tell you and, even better, a shit ton of pix to show you.  Would you believe I uploaded over 440 pix into my little MacBook Pro?  Anyway, it will take me a little time to edit so in the meantime am offering y'all an appetizer.  These stickers were all found in my backyard.  Awesome stuff.  Keep it up, boys (and girls).  Ya know I'm right behind ya flickin it all up.

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