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January '74

January '86

January '86

Photo credit:  My Dad, Peter the Leader

If you have been following along since the beginning, you will recall that my first post about Graff was on Jan 19th 2011 (see it here).  I mentioned some pix my dad had shot of me in NYC. Here you have them. Just like the wall, everything about these pictures tells a story:  Dad's Army jacket.  Guess jeans (ha!).  Socks over jeans - how totally 80's is that?  Pink Converse hi-tops nicked from MTV's 1986 New Year's Eve Ball.  That sparkly pin - an absolute treasure - a hand-me-down from Arline.  Hair - shaved underneath (Thanks Katy).  I still have the pin, wish I had the shoes and jacket. 

Plus one shot of me at 5 years old with crazy hair and paint on my hands and a look on my face my family will tell you is fairly common to this day.  It's always been about the paint.

When I began this blog I had no idea what direction it would take. I wanted to kick start my creativity and practice, practice, practice my photography skills.  All I knew was I needed to get back behind my camera after too long away and, although I had no idea what I'd shoot, I knew inspiration would find me.  So, here we are 9 months later and for the most part 3lilbirdz has become a blog about street art and graffiti.  I couldn't be happier then when I am climbing around under a freeway or wandering an alley or chasing an email tip to some treasure most people would scoff at or worse, never even notice.  One man's trash... yanno?

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