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Hey, thanks for clicking from the San Clemente Patch Article, "Deputies Commended for Graffiti Arrests" through to my little "a local blog".  Yeah, I follow these things, I see where you come from and I really appreciate the visit.  Like they say, no press is bad press, right?  Come on in, take your shoes off and set a spell, I got something to say...

Ok, so here's the thing about that article you just came from... Those commended cops, they were given (depending on which article you read) a $30,000 or $40,000 grant from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control?!?! A grant designed  to "focus on the over-serving of alcohol in bars and on the sale of narcotics" and/or (again depending on which article you read) "has expanded communication within the city infrastructure with code enforcement and the fire authority".  Can someone please explain how this translates to the arrest and incarceration of local artists? That's our tax dollars at work, folks.

Hey! Wait! Didn't y'all say you used my blog to capture these guys? Then where's MY share of the reward, excuse me, grant money? Imagine what could be done if that grant had actually been used as it was intended. Yanno, to solve cases involving drugs, gangs,  excessive sales of alcohol, violent beatdowns with a brick or shootings. I dunno about you all but I much prefer art on our city streets to blood and violence. What if YOU got creative, OCSD?  If it was me, I'd use the funds to establish a scholarship for the boys. Sending them off to art school would keep them off the streets and, I guarantee you, have concrete ( pun intended) results.

Ummmm, and one more thing.... The SC Patch article mentions "graffiti scrawlers". There isn't a description further from the truth when it comes to Bandit. He is a creative, smart, passionate, talented, hard-working, kind, generous artist who actually has something to say. Maybe y'all should stop and listen. It's a crying shame so many people do not understand the difference between graffiti and street art. Let's get one thing very clear, this is most definitely art and artists we are talking about here. Ok, so their chosen method of delivery is currently illegal. It is still art. You don't have to like it or even approve of it but you do have to acknowledge it. Respect. 

So, you still with me?  If you are I invite you to peruse the site and come back often. There's plenty in this blog to keep you entertained for a while.  Look around. The cops did.


  1. Love your point of view, you couldn't be more right on....Dad

  2. As you have discovered, Adam at the patch likes to tag folks...

    thanks for your post.

    1. Very well said. As a passerby I wouldn't have thought much of 'graffiti' on the walls. However, after following you Flickr stream for a year, I see your viewpoint. Indeed, it is a form of self-expression which is definitely an art. As a society, we ought to promote these 'outliers' to embrace their art in the mainstream.

  3. This was meant as a comment, not a reply to the comment. I must have pressed wrong button.