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 Sacred Cow?

I'm thinkin the Zebra pushed that Dino off the bridge and THAT's why he didn't make it on the ark.

So the best part of my job is the kids.  I don't really do anything but play with them while their moms, dad, siblings, nannies, whatevers get treatment.  Today was a good day.  I got to love on a 4mth old, do pick up at pre-school and sit on the floor and play animals with a sweet little girly with big eyes.  Believe it or not, SHE pointed out how pretty the light was.  Well, actually she said, "Hey!  Look I can see my shadow!" but it's the same thing.  I jumped up and grabbed my phone and she and I took a few quick pix together.  They are a little blurry, sure, but that light is fantastic.  

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