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Venice Beach is insane. It's dirty, kinda stinky, flat out dark side of the moon. Oh, but it is so alive! I was in LA again recently and made a wrong turn out of LAX, heading north on Sepulveda when I shoulda been heading south. I think it was fate. It was a windy chilly Sunday but, oh man, the place was jumping. The cage at Muscle Beach was empty but everyone else was out in force: taggers at the wall, skaters airborne, the musicians, homeless, artists and medical marijuana peddlers all out hustling. The light was soft and sweet afternoon haze, perfectly diffused and delicious. If crazy ain't yo thang, don't go to Venice. But me? I love this town!

P.S.  If any of y'all can tell me anything about the first picture in this post, the heart in head decal, I'd be most grateful. Loves it.

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