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UPDATE: Ok, ok explanation... an interesting idea for marketing…  In fact, I’m so excited I could pee!  There is a not-so-new but new-to-me form of advertising called QR codes. Y’all may have seen these pretty lil square boxes on advertising, business cards, mag ads, even the TV. Basically you plop them down in various high-visibility places and people use a free scanning app on their camera phones to scan them. They are then taken immediately to a video, website, phone number, whatever you want them to see. QRcodes are scannable onscreen as well as in print and can be used via html or .php or drag/drop. You could have an individualized QRcode for each of your blog posts, art works, photographs, etc. The one you are seeing above sends people to my Flickr site. I’m in the process of printing business cards with the little buggar that do the same. This idea has been in Japan since the mid 2000's and is is really picking up steam here in good ol' U S of A but even if a body has no idea what they are looking at it definitely piques interest. As I said, the app is free, the QR code is generated for free and, now that I'm aware of them, I’ve seen them everywhere from car ads to Macy’s to a local real estate dude’s bidness card. I love the idea. What do you think?

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