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Saturday in LA - Chapter one

Meringue Hat


Green Girl

And some more JR cuz he's so freakin' cool!

A JR collaboration
Obama or Leonard Nimoy?

THIS is how they do it.  Wish I'd been there to see it.  Thx How!

The collab is signed "JR - VHILS"

Wes' Side

JR - Wrinkles of the City

The corner of 4th and JR

JR - Wrinkles of the City

I took so many pix that I had to stop and buy another memory card on the street.  This is but the first installment, more to come...


  1. Love the one at 4th with the guy walking by. Good eye dude.

  2. Thanks! Ya, I think it really shows off the massive scale of the piece.