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Wheenk! Photography Camp For Kids

For the last four weeks I have had the privilege of spending time with 6 of the coolest people in San Clemente. What's more, I got to share my passion and joy for photography with them. We discussed what makes a good photograph and the basic principles of photography such as subject matter, point of interest, background, framing, point of view and the rule of thirds (or "way of serge" as one little man called it).  YES, they totally got it and can not only rattle off the definitions, they can teach you what these terms mean. We went on photo safaris together, they shared their work with each other via their own private website and for their final project they designed and curated their own Photo Exhibition for their family and friends.  This slideshow is my addition to their show.  Believe me, their work far exceeds my own.  Pretty humbling, I tell ya.

But the best part?  

I got to see what is beautiful, meaningful and important to them.  

Very very super awesomely cool.



  1. GREAT SONG and PHOTO'S......really, really impressive. You done good kid. Love, your dad

  2. Well, yanno Dad...everything these kids now know I learned from you. ❤