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2012 - Wouldja believe I been at it a whole year?


It is my first bloggy birthday. When I started working this little project my goal was to stimulate my creativity and stretch my artistic muscle.  I said  "... a post a week.  Hey, I can do anything for a year, right?"  Well, I didn't quite post once a week, technically, but according to my stats I more than made up for it in sheer numbers.  

I am stubborn as hell so I'm not really all that surprised I met my target. I already know that when I put my mind to something I 'git 'er done'.  It's just a matter of getting said mind on board with said something and then makin' 'er shine like the top of the Chrysler building. Yeah, yeah yeah... a great number of my pictures are shit, I know this. But many are good. Some are even really good.  And, you know what?  A select few of my pictures are so fucking wicked awesome they'll make you cry.  And that, my friends, is how I See.

So, what the hell did I get out of it then?

2011 By The Numbers
80 posts
481 pictures posted
5,727 = Page views
First post of the 2011 = One A Week
Last post of the 2011 = Sleep Tight 2011
Highest view count (video) = Bandit video slide show
Highest view count (photo) = MOCA - Art In The Streets
Most downloaded (read stolen) picture = Free Bandit
Biggest "fan" = The County of Orange (Bwah ha ha ha HA!)

Reposted on: 
LAist - 2wenty
Gawker - 2wenty
Digital Cafe - 2wenty
Social Times - 2wenty
Holes in the Net - 2wenty 
The Streets Are Alive - 2wenty
Sidewalk Surprises - 2wenty
Goiabada - 2wenty
JAEH!BLOG - 2wenty
ibahia - 2wenty
Counseling Resource  - artist? 
Virgin Airline's Vtravelled blog - Banksy 
The Atypical Life - Spade
Nileguide - 3 Amigos, Vegas
San Clemente Patch - The Cellar, Bandit
CILA - Bandit
CILA - Bandit
CILA - Bandit
CILA - Bandit
CILA - Gypsy
The Dirt Floor - Daoe
The Dirt Floor - Common Cents  

2011 Exhibitions/Art Shows

But the best part?

(drum role, please)
Now if that ain't success, ain't nothin' is!

Stepping it up in 2012. Any Questions?


  1. CONGRATULATIONS FROM YOUR BIGGEST FAN! Love your blog, love your work, love you!!! <3

  2. Thank You, T! Right back atcha. xoxo